Friday, January 22, 2021
The LANAP® Procedure in Middletown and Newport, RI


(Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)



Basic Steps of the LANAP® Protocol

How Gum Disease Treatment Works Using LANAP®

LANAP® laser gum disease treatment is a kinder alternative to achieving healthier gums. After about two hours and some local anesthetic, most patients who have LANAP® gum disease treatment are back to enjoying their usual activities the very same day – without any pain medication.

Considering a visit with Dr. Geoffrey Jones, a dentist for gum disease? This is what he will do:

  • Measure your gum pockets. Dr. Jones uses a special instrument to see how deep your gum pockets are and to find out how much gum tissue has detached from the roots of your teeth.
  • Get rid of unhealthy tissue and bacteria. Using the Periolase laser, your dentist for gum disease aims tiny beams of light between your teeth and gums to reach and kill the harmful bacteria. Laser gum disease treatment is extremely targeted so all of your adjacent healthy tissue stays behind to reattach to your natural teeth.
  • Remove the tarter/calculus. Your dentist for gum disease will use the laser to break up harden calculus deposits between your teeth and gums, preparing it for removal using little ultrasonic scalers.
  • Make blood clots. During this step in your gum disease treatment, Dr. Jones gently manipulates the soft tissue, root and bones to thicken the blood and form healthy clots that will protect your teeth and facilitate healing.
  • Compress the gum tissue. Patients appreciate seeing a LANAP® dentist for gum disease because they leave with no stitches and bandages. Dr. Jones just compresses the healthy gum tissue with your tooth’s surface roots and your body heals itself from there.
  • Adjust your bite. During the final step of laser gum disease treatment, the Dr. Jones adjusts your bite to keep your teeth comfortable and stable after the procedure. This is especially important if you have any bone loss.

Dr. Jones, located in Middletown and Newport, RI, is a Dentist who services patients from Newport, RI, Portsmouth, RI, and Jamestown, RI. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our office and encourage you to schedule your appointment today!


  • I have been coming to Dr. Jones’ office since 1980 and will, hopefully, continue until he retires.Steve Smith

  • I’m also impressed with the urgent care I received on two occasions. Dr. Jones opened his office just for me!Ruth McIntosh

  • He provides hands on caring and is always available to take the time (even during his personal life) to help out. We have established a great rapport and it will continue for years to come.Richard King

  • Just love the info on the screen in the waiting room…considering having more done myself- to enhance my smile! Edie S. Pierre

  • Applying some of the most sophisticated equipment I've ever seen in a dentist's office, Dr. Jones has achieved some magical results. He is both a brilliant scientist and talented artist. I shall always be eager to recommend Dr. Geoffrey Jones.Richard Jewett

  • I had my best ever check up last month. It's a pleasure making an appointment now for a cleaning. Vickie Partridge

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