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Teeth Whitening in Middletown and Newport, RI

Teeth Whitening Middletown and Newport, RI

Today’s teeth whitening options are numerous and varied. Bleaching toothpastes, gels, rinses, strips and trays can be purchased over-the-counter but … will they do the job well?

For immediate, professional-looking results, consider getting teeth whitening by dentists. Dentist teeth whitening products are safe, effective and designed to give you whiter teeth NOW – without the aggravation of trial and error. Dr. Geoffrey Jones is a dentist for teeth whitening in Middletown and Newport, RI

Two dentist teeth whitening options to consider with Dr. Jones:

  1. Dentist Teeth Whitening: In-Office

    In-office teeth whitening will give you the fastest results. In fact, many patients see notable results after the first visit, although some come back for even better results. During the procedure, which can take up to one hour, Dr. Jones will apply a pharmaceutical-grade whitening agent directly onto your teeth. To hasten the whitening process, a special light or laser may also be used.

  2. Dentist Teeth Whitening: Tray-Based

    Tray-based tooth whitening by dentists is another way to brighten your smile. Whitening tooth trays are customized to fit over your teeth like a second skin. The trays are yours to take home, along with a supply of professional bleaching agent that you put inside. You simply wear the teeth whitening trays for as long as Dr. Jones recommends – anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours a day – until you reach your desired shade of white.

Teeth Whitening By Dentists: Details Worth Considering

Teeth whitening with pharmacy-bought products can be disappointing no matter how convenient and affordable they may seem. For optimal results, consider using Dr. Jones, a professional dentist for teeth whitening. Here’s why:

  • Superior strength. Most teeth whitening products purchased over the counter contain 10 to 20 percent of the whitening agent (carbamide peroxide) required to whiten teeth. The solution you receive at the dentist office contains at least 15 to 43percent carbamide peroxide.
  • Better fitting trays. Based on an impression of your teeth, you’ll get custom-fitted whitening trays that you can use at home. Customized trays promote maximum contact between the whitening agent and your teeth, which helps to prevent uneven or streaky whitening results and potential gum irritation.
  • Soft tissue protection. In-office teeth whitening by dentists are gentle on your gums. Dr. Jones will use a rubber covering to prevent irritation that may be caused by the bleaching chemicals.
  • Customized results. Dr. Jones will carefully examine your teeth to determine exactly what kind of teeth whitening by dentists is best for you.

Dr. Jones, located in Middletown and Newport, RI, is a Dentist who services patients from Newport, RI, Portsmouth, RI, and Jamestown, RI. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our office and encourage you to schedule your appointment today!


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