Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Lumineers in Middletown and Newport, RI

Lumineers provide many of the same benefits as dental veneers:

  • They conceal the exposed portions of teeth
  • Fix imperfections and hide stained or discolored teeth (veneers are also stain resistant)
  • Make teeth straighter and longer
On the other hand, they are easier for Dr. Geoffrey Jones to prepare because with lumineers, he doesn’t have to remove as much enamel from the tooth surface.

What Else Makes Lumineers Different?

Compared to getting regular dental veneers, visiting Dr. Jones for lumineers is a snap because:

  • There’s no pain during the procedure – they don’t require shots or drilling, and there’s no sensitivity when it’s over
  • They are reversible – Dr. Jones doesn’t remove any enamel from your teeth.
  • Lumineers are custom-made for a perfect fit.
  • They look like your natural enamel – their ultra-thin (about 0.2mm) and super translucent.
  • Lumineers are durable – they can last an average of 20 years.
  • The procedure is fast and easy – only two office visits, including one hour to fit the dental veneers.

Are Lumineers Right for You?

Dr. Jones will examine your teeth to determine if they are suitable for lumineers.

They may not be for you if:

  • Your teeth are darkly stained or discolored – dental veneers may be too thin to camouflage dark stains.
  • You have a “tight bite” or grind or clench your teeth – repeated grinding and clenching can fracture the edges of the Lumineers.

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